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New messages marked as read

Thank you for creating SpamSieve!

I’m noticing after SpamSieve install that some new messages in my Apple Mail inbox are marked as read, meaning they are not bold when they come into the inbox so I’m getting them confused with the ones I have read. This seems to happen more often than not, though I do still receive some messages that are bold. I searched the forum but didn’t see a similar issue.

SpamSieve does not mark incoming messages as read. You could check your Rules in Mail’s Preferences window to see if you’ve setup a rule to do this.

I got rid of all rules when setting up SpamSieve. I then added the one SpamSieve rule during setup. I’m trying to notice if there’s any pattern to it but haven’t picked up on any.

Just now there was a spam message in the inbox marked as unread. I trained as spam. Yesterday there were a couple good emails marked as read but some weren’t marked as read. Seems pretty random at this point.

Are there any other computers or devices accessing this mail account?

Please check the folders:


Are there any .mailbundle files there besides SpamSieve?

I don’t see either of the folders you’ve listed. In any case, it seems to have stopped. What I think was the problem was the former POP address accounts.

I have about 10 addresses set up. I had disabled the POP versions per the SpamSieve instructions but I hadn’t totally deleted the POP accounts, just left them NOT automatically checked and DISABLED. But I was still having issues with the iPhone checking those accounts so I actually deleted the POP versions. Since the deletion I haven’t noticed any message marked as read unless I have read them. So I think the issue is resolved.