New Outlook Apple Script support?

Hello Michael,
I recall seeing here that MS should add Apple script to “new Outlook” in November 2023. What is the status? Did they delivered and if not, any chance for it soonish?
I switched to Outlook since some of the tools I relied on before are not supported on Sonoma and Outlook is THE supported mail app by our IT anyway. But since the system is IT managed I may not be able to hold on “Legacy Outlook” forever, they may switch me to new one, as they are doing now with Teams. I rely on EagleFiller and import of messages from Outlook.

Microsoft missed their estimate and now says it will be ready in December 2024:

Although it’s not as good as the capture key, you can import messages from New Outlook to EagleFiler via drag and drop. Or you may be able to connect Apple Mail to the same mail account for export purposes.

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