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New Outlook

When will Eaglefiler begin to work with the new Outlook for Mac. I know the new Outlook has not been released yet (Microsoft is getting close to finishing it) but was wondering if a beta version of Eaglefiler will be available soon for testing? fn F1 is not working currently with the new Outlook

I’m testing it with what I think is the latest version, and it seems to work fine. Could you clarify which version of Outlook you’re using, which version of macOS, what you have selected, and what happens when you press the capture key?

I am running Mac OS 10.15.4

Eagle Filer 1.8.13

Details about outlook below and the error message that is coming up.

I am testing the new outlook for mac and getting this error.

That’s the version that works for me. What do you have selected when you press the capture key?

I have selected an email. For example, I just selected the email you just sent me and I get that error message.

Eaglefiler works fine with old outlook (same version number). It is just with new Outlook (fast ring version) that it does not seem to work for me.


Could you send a screenshot of what it looks like right before you press F1?

Is there another email address I could use – the one I just sent with screenshots bounced. And I just noticed that the email address says forums. I don’t want screen shots of my mac posted to a forum. I could send to an email address
that goes just to you.

Sorry, the forum messed up the link in the above post. It should be fixed now.

See yellow below.

I don’t see anything yellow in the forum. If you can’t get e-mail to work, you could use a forum private message.