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New review gives SS highest marks and great review!

As mentioned on MacFixIt this new review has some good stuff to say about SS and concludes (on the final page wrap up):

"But SpamSieve has superior accuracy, more configurable options, wider client support, and, if I may be frank, a much higher ranking on the warm fuzzies scale. It’s also cheaper and only a teensy bit less pretty. So in all, SpamSieve is my top choice. "


I was very happy with the review’s conclusion. :slight_smile: For those who read the part of the review that says:

I keep wishing I could get SpamSieve to give me more granular control over how it treats suspected spam. For example, I’d like truly obvious spam to be trashed immediately, and I’d like spam from different accounts to be routed to different junk mailboxes.

let me clarify that it is possible to make SpamSieve put the obvious spam in the trash and to have per-account junk mailboxes.