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New Script: Apple Mail - Discard Spam


I am using the “old” script and AFAIK, all works as divined. But do you nonetheless recommend my installing the new version (2014-04-14), perhaps because it is more stable, works better, more compliant with future updates, or such?

If you’re happy with the old script and not seeing any problems, there’s no need to update. The main advantage to the new script is that it doesn’t require emptying the trash.


Me thinks you need smarter customers/users…

If, with the new script, the Trash does not need emptying, does that mean it empties by itself? If so, is there no longer a User review prior to the emptying the Trash? (Ergo, my first paragraph.)

Let me try to clarify this. The old script emptied the Spam mailbox by moving every message in the Spam mailbox to the trash and then emptying the trash (thus also deleting any non-spam messages that were pre-existing in the trash). The new script empties the Spam mailbox by deleting the messages directly, leaving the messages in the trash untouched.

The “user review” aspect is not really changed. The old script emptied the trash for you. The new script does not empty the trash. In both cases, you are expected to review the messages in the Spam mailbox before running the script.

Thanks, Michael. I think I get it.

But were I to try the new Script, and then decided I prefer the older version, would there be any downside in reverting to the earlier version?

No. But save your old version, since it’s no longer posted on the site.


Glad I saved a copy of the old script (as you suggested). Indeed I found the previous script more to my liking.

When using the old script and “Shortcuts” (similar to FastScripts), the AOL Trash emptied as well as the Spam folder. But with the new script, only the Spam folder empties.

Whether ’tis the vagaries of the new script, AOL, or a bit of Operator Error, is a mystery to me. Still, I hope this feedback is meaningful to you.

That’s how the new script is intended to work. The purpose of the script is to empty the Spam mailbox. It leaves the trash alone.

And thank you, Michael, for bearing with me.

It’s nice to know the system works as divined; though I hope you will somehow maintain the old version for those who wish, via one click, to empty the AOL Trash as well as the Spam folder.