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New SpamSieve 2.9.11 crashes mac, can't do anything

I’ve used spam sieve forever now.
My mom has it on her mac too.
She’s still running 10.6.8 on a 3 year old mac.
She’s never had a problem.
Last night she got a message asking to update spamsieve to the latest version. She accepted.
Then it downloaded and asked her to quit mail, she did and hit okay and then nothing.
The whole mac froze.
Now when she boots up, she gets a spamsieve error message and the whole mac is frozen.
How crazy is that.
Keys are locked out. Mouse moves. Can’t open the hard drive.
Can’t force quit anything.
Everytime she boots it does it.
Would anyone know why ?

It sounds like this is a system-wide problem. An application can’t make a whole Mac freeze like that. However, if you tell me what the SpamSieve error message says (or, better, send a full error report) I can help you with that part. It may help to boot the Mac in safe mode. Also, if she has a wireless keyboard, check the batteries.

Cool thanks.
I rebooted in Safe mod and am installing 10.9