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New to all this - help


I’ve been using Macs for many years never really understanding what’s going on under the bonnet but this spam thing is starting to overwhelm me.

So I have three immediate questions regarding SS which seems to be my saviour as far as spam goes.

  1. Sometimes emails are described as ‘uncertain junk’ should I be training these as Spam or does SS assume they are?
  2. I’ve started getting mailed returned as unsent that has my email address as the sender but which is spam that I have vertainly never sent. I’m also getting stuff sent to me apparently from me. Is this just part of the spam disease or should I be looking for some kind of virus in my system that I should be eradicating.
  3. On my website there are a couple of ‘email me’ links. It seems I’ve unwittingly made myself a target for spambots. Should I take the links off the site or is it too late. Do you think that the Enkoder thing is worth doing given that I hardly ever (if ever) get emails from the site. Should I just give the emai adrress without the link?

Sorry if this is a bit simplistic but I guess I have to start somewhere


  1. You do not need to train SpamSieve with Uncertain Junk (or Junk).
  2. This is just ordinary spam that the spammer sent using your return address.
  3. If it were me, I’d include the link but encode it. Sure, you’ll still get some spam (it’s too late to stop that anyway), but people will be able to contact you. Spammers can find the address whether you use a link or not, so I think you may as well include it.


Thanks for that, I appreciate it.