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New user, cannot do anything

Must be dumb,

1- I created a new base in “Doxuments”, imported my mails, OK, could see and searc through them,
wanted to do the same with my adress book, selected them, F1, I see them in an unclassified file, and wanted to change from unclassified to an “Adress” file i created : impossible… how do you do that ???

2- When I close Eaglefiler and want to reopen it, with : “open recent”, I do not see any recent file proposed, I have to go trough the documents file to find my base…

3- Eaglefiler seems to be very demanding as to ressources, the coolheater of my Macbook is always running and using the battery in an excessive way…
Seems impossible to leave Eaglefiler in background while doing something else… battery soon will need a recharge very soon.

Sure I miss a lot of knowledge with this software, but my first impression is very bad as it really lacks intuitivity…

Which address book program are you importing from? What’s the name of the file that you ended up with in EagleFiler?

For me, with Mac OS X 10.7, if I select some addresses in Apple’s Address Book application and press F1, I get one .vcf file per person in EagleFiler.

The File > Open Recent menu in EagleFiler works just like in other applications. In order for your library to show up there, the number of recent items in System Preferences must not be set to “None” and the library needs to be stored on a hard drive that’s currently connected to your Mac.

EagleFiler also has a separate Remember open libraries between launches preference. If this option is checked, when you launch EagleFiler it will automatically open the libraries that were open when you last quit it.

What do you see in the Activity window? After you import some files, EagleFiler needs to index them so that they will be searchable. Once that is done, it won’t use any resources in the background.