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New user question

Ok… I’m on Mac oS High Sierra running mac mail

Someone hacked my email and i’m getting several spams per minute

So giving this a try.

I set it up and everything looked good. Ive already got nearly 100 in spam folder

My question is: How long does the training take? When will I know training is done? Then what happens after training is done? Do good emails goto iNbox and bad to spam still

I was running for an hour and then realized I didn’t disable mac mail junk. Which I now did. I then went back into Spam folder and did a select all t hen pulled down to train as spam

Am I missing anything

The initial training is done whenever you choose. I recommend starting with a few hundred messes, about 65% spam. After that, training is ongoing in that you should alway correct all the mistakes.

There is no separate training phase. As soon as you finish installation, it will filter the spam messages to the Spam mailbox and the good messages to the inbox. The only difference is that the accuracy improves with more training.


I’m trying to learn this all

Based on my initial msg here, do you think your program will help me. I"m getting 1 spam every 1-3 minutes. Started 445am today

Btw I see the statistics. I tased 86 messages as spam. So how does it get the number 825/day

Showing my stats below

Filtered Mail
8 Good Messages
83 Spam Messages (91%)
825 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
4 False Positives
0 False Negatives (0%)
95.6% Correct

8 Good Messages
86 Spam Messages (91%)
12,553 Total Words

151 Blocklist Rules
25 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
2/3/19, 1:38 PM

Yes, I just recommend that you train it with a few more good messages, so that you start out with 65% spam in the corpus.

That’s based on the fact that you received 83 spam messages in only a fraction of a day, so it’s extrapolating what it would be for 24 hours.

spam folder
assuming once i train as spam i can delete from spam folder

Also I marked/trained one as spam

Yet i continue to get emails from this user

Am I missing something


Please send in a diagnostic report and more information about the message in question.

drag report
Attached is the diag report - oh wait it won’t let me attach (based on format). ON my desktop its a tbz file. How you want me to send it to you

email came from: noreply@dmail.datingfactory.com I see several from that sender

So as mentioned my email was obtained and probably via BOT i’m being signed up for everything and anything

I’m getting approx 5 every few minutes

Is this something SpamSieve can help with? I know it won’t prevent them

But it will with some intelligence move them to spam folder.

At what point do I remove the spam sieve rule from mac mail preferences - the one saying EVERYTHIGN goes to spam

Please e-mail it to spamsieve-fn@c-command.com.

Never (unless you are uninstalling SpamSieve).

Thanks for sending the diagnostic report. It looks like that message, and a bunch of the other ones that you’ve trained recently, were ones that SpamSieve had already automatically caught as spam (according to the log). So the issue may be that Mail is encountering an error moving the messages out of the inbox. (Do they show up with a colored background, indicating that SpamSieve had classified them as spam?) It may help to create a mailbox called Spam inside your IMAP account and change the SpamSieve rule in Mail to move the messages to that mailbox instead.