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New user setup question: multiple computers

I was hoping to get some guidance on how to setup SpamSieve for my setup.

I access my email from a couple of desktop computers, a laptop, and a mobile device - I have multiple email accounts all accessed through Airfoil 3 on all computers (OSX) and iOS mail on my mobile device (all IMAP).

Mail is always running on one of the desktops.

  • Will SpamSieve work best/is it sufficient to only install it on the desktop that is always running mail or should I install and run SpamSieve on each device?

  • If the above setup is recommended, can I only correct mistakes from the desktop that SpamSieve is installed on?

Thanks for the guidance!

I’m a bit confused because I thought Airfoil was an audio app.

If one desktop is always running, it’s probably easiest to install it on that using Setup #2.

No, you could do remote training.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Damn. Fingers are faster than my brain… meant to type Airmail 3. I must have had music in my head when I was typing. :wink:

Perfect. That’s just the info I was looking for.

I’ll read up on that. Do you have specific instructions for setting up Airmail 3 for remote training?

Currently, remote training is only supported by Apple Mail, MailMate, and Outlook 2011.