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New version of SpamSieve 2.9.34 not moving mail to inbox

Since this update was applied the messages that come into the inbox are moved to the InboxSpamSieve but they just stay in there and are not processed with Outlook 2016. Worked great up until the time the software was upgraded. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

You also asked about this a few weeks ago, but I never heard back from you. What did you do then that got it working?

The folder needs to be called “InboxSpamSieve”, with that exact name.

Did you update Outlook Filter Mailboxes, or just SpamSieve?

You can enable debug logging by clicking this link. Then if you send in a diagnostic report I’ll be able to see what’s happening.

Yes it was working
Tech support helped me out. I did not have the directory named exactly as it should. It was working perfectly but this new update broke what was working. I updated just the SpamSieve? Is updating an alreday defined outlook filter needed? It already takes the mail from the inbox and moves it to the InboxSpamSieve

I relpaced the Outlook Filtering App
Ok, so I downloaded the outlook filtering app and replaced it. Made sure that the app is allowed to start up on login (which it is). Restarted the app and the mail moved from to InboxSpamSieve to “Nowhere to be found” not even in the junk folder. There were numerous messages in that folder that were legit.

Panic Attack averted
When it moved the messages it did not mark them as not read! They are all there. So it is working now by downloading the app and replacing it. Will you always be releasing a new Outlook Filtering APP on updates? The previous one I did not have to do this.

I don’t see how it could have been working before with the wrong folder name.

It’s not necessary, but there usually improvements in the new version.

That’s backwards—Outlook Filter Mailboxes moves the good messages from InboxSpamSieve back to Inbox.

It doesn’t change whether the messages are marked as read. If they are unread they will stay unread. It only processes unread messages, anyway, so if you had marked the messages as read that might be why they weren’t moving automatically.

Only when there are improvements to that component. There generally have been with each SpamSieve update.