New version of SpamSieve not working

A couple of issues running the new version under Sonoma:

  1. This morning, when I opened Mail the SpamSieve icon in the menu bar disappeared. I’ve deleted SpamSieve not reinstalled and the icon will not appear. How do I fix this?

  2. Good mail - previously set - is constantly going into the Junk folder. I have to read the folder and move mail back to my inbox. This is extremely time-consuming as well as causing me to miss important emails. I have lowered the slider to almost off and it is still doing this.

  3. Spam - is generally being filtered, but it is moving good emails as well.

Please help as SpamSieve has become useless.


Sorry, but I don’t understand. Why would you expect the menu bar icon to be there if you deleted SpamSieve and didn’t reinstall?

Prior to deleting it, are you saying that the menu bar icon was visible in other apps, but not when you were in Mail? Is there perhaps not enough space in the menu bar to show the icon? In any event, you can also train SpamSieve by using the keyboard shortcuts or by clicking and holding on its Dock icon.

You should check SpamSieve’s Log window to see whether it is actually predicting these good messages to be spam. It sounds like maybe you have the SpamSieve rule in Mail enabled, even though you are using the extension setup, and so Mail is moving the messages to Spam without consulting SpamSieve.