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Newbie: change file extention docx to doc?

As a graduate student with little money, I decided to pay for EagleFiler. Three of the main reasons: 1. It maintains the Finder folder structure 2. Multiple libraries 3. Unbeatable support from the developer.

By the way, I have a question. The preview of docx files is not so great compared to that of doc in EagleFiler. I attempted to change it through “save as…” in Word but it was not successful. So what could be the right way to do so?

Another silly question. If I happened to add files through the Finder in a folder, which is being managed by EagleFiler, would they appear in EagleFiler?

I probably do not understand very well how it works as a lay Mac user. Yet, I would greatly appreciate if you help.

Much thanks,

I would be interested to see an example of that via e-mail. EagleFiler uses Mac OS X’s engine for both formats, and I would expect the results to be very similar.

Both of these are probably the same issue. You should not add or remove files except using EagleFiler. (Exception: you can save new files into the “To Import” folder, and EagleFiler will notice them and auto-import them.) To add a new file, you need to import it. To replace a file, you would need to delete the old one and import the new one.

Not that Eaglefiler will not show docx files but does it differently. I sent you an email with a screenshot.


Thanks. I have also noticed spacing differences like this between .doc and .docx. The .docx support in Mac OS X is new, so hopefully it will improve.

You need convert docx to doc using services such as convertio.co