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Newbie question - Eagle Filer icon changes when importing large amount of emails?

Hi. Just started using EagleFiler this past week, with the plan to import about 50K emails (2009-2017).

I originally was thinking of importing by year (example, 2017), but nothing seems to happen? Here are the steps I am using: 1) Select all mails for 2017 in Inbox using shift-key. 2) Pressing fn-F1 keys. The EagleFiler icon in the dock changes from a “filing cabinet icon with eagle” to a “camera icon with eagle”. I was expecting a “green arrow icon with eagle”, as per the manual.

I also looked for a spinning icon indicator … would I see this in the lower left corner of the Eagle Filer window?

Thanks for anyone’s advice in advance! Stu.


It sounds like you did the right thing. There are two phases to the capturing. The first part is with the camera icon. This is where EagleFiler figures out which items you asked it to import. Normally, this is very quick, but for a large number of e-mails in Apple Mail it can take a while. During this phase, there is no progress indicator, although you should see an occasional status window in the center of the screen (or a Growl notification if you have Growl installed) telling you how many selected messages it’s found so far.

Then you’ll hear the camera shutter sound.

Then the Dock icon will change to show the green import arrow. This is the main phase of the importing, and you’ll see progress in EagleFiler’s Activity window and a spinner in the library window.

And then when this is done you get a notification in Notification Center.

Thanks for the explanation … may I suggest you add to the user manual for EF?

When I got up the next morning, EF had copied all of the emails. Good to know how the system works - the explanation of the icon and what they mean provides a great visual indicator. Thank you, Stu.

I’m glad to hear that. I’ll see if I can improve the documentation about this.