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Newbie question - how to add folder for automatic indexing

I have manually imported the content of a folder that contains all relevant pdf file to EF. However, after I add more files to the folder, EF cannot show the files even I have “scan for new files”. I guess I missed something.

What is the right way to do it? Do I need to do “scan for new files” everything files are added ?

If you initially imported the folder by moving it into EagleFiler’s folder, the folder itself is in the library, so you can move more files into it and import them using Scan for New Files.

If you initially imported the folder by dragging it to EagleFiler’s window or Drop Pad or Dock icon, this created a copy of the folder in EagleFiler. You can import into this copy by adding files to it, but adding files to the original folder (which remains outside of EagleFiler) won’t do anything.

@Michael_Tsai thanks for the speedy reply. I get it now. Will change my workflow accordingly