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Newbie question

I downloaded the demo of DropDMG 3.4.4 about an hour ago.

I have a text converter program that I want to create a dmg for that includes the app itself, a ReadMe file, and several text files to test out the program.

I’ve been working my way through the “Create dmg with background image” that starts on page 14 of pdf manual.

I’ve created my layout that shows the background picture and I’ve added the icons for all the files (the app, read and text files) and everything looks good in my layout. (I’ve gone through steps 1 thru 5)

But step 6, that says “drag the app icon to the DropDMG window” does NOT make sense to me. I’ve tried about every variation on that theme that I can think of but nothing creates the dmg file that contains the correct files or even comes close to what the layout looks like in the layout window.

If I drag the app from the source folder into the DropDMG window it creates a dmg with only that one file in it. If I drag the layout into the DropDMG window I get a dmg that has all sorts of extra files that don’t belong in it. If I drag the source folder into the DropDMG window I get a dmg that has ALL of the files contained in the source folder, including a copy (as a separate file) of the background image.

What an I doing wrong? (I wish there was just a simple “Create Image” button in the layout window so I could just click it and the program would create the image as I’m seeing it in the layout window)

The instructions are for the simple case where you have “a background picture, a single .app file, an Applications folder symlink.” In that case, you can just drag the .app file because everything else is created by DropDMG. If your disk image has more files, you need to drag the entire source folder (i.e. the folder that contains your .app and your text files).

The background picture should not be in the source folder. The source folder should only contain the files that you want the user to see.

Ahhhh … OK. Then I recommend that the instructions be edited to say “drag your app (or the folder containing your files) into the…”

“The source folder should only contain the files that you want the user to see.” THAT should be in the instructions too.

If you have added all of your files within the Layout window then you have told the program what files you want in the disk image … so at that point you SHOULD be able to just click a “Make Image” button and it assembles it accordingly. Let’s call that a suggestion about a feature that could be added to make the program more user friendly.