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Newbie question

Dear all,

I’m new to SpamSieve, so bear with me if mine is not the brightest of questions.

I have just installed SS on my Macbook Air (my primary machine) running High Sierra. I have trained it, I can’t give any feedback on how it works yet, but I trust I will see it catching spam soon (I receive lots, often during the night).

My question is as follows: since I sometimes check my e-mail on my iPhone first and my Macbook is not constantly awake, I’m thinking of setting up an old Mac Mini I have lying around with the same rules and leaving it in powernap, so that it constantly checks my e-mails (it would be password-protected and File-Vaulted, I don’t know want anybody else to have access to it while I’m away). Is anybody using this kind of setup and does it work? I would copy the SpamSieve rules form the Macbook to the Mini and set up the spam folder on the server (so that I can check and correct errors from the Macbook too) and then uncheck the SpamSieve rule on the Macbook. Does this make sense, even if not all my accounts are iCloud accounts, will it work with any server? I mostly have access to the Mini, save for a few days here and there where I might be away and only have the Macbook with me.

I hope this was clear enough, thank you in advance for your help!

Yes, that’s a pretty common setup.

You could copy all the training data and set up remote training so that you can correct errors from the Mac mini using the MacBook or phone.

It will work with any IMAP or Exchange server (not POP, as that doesn’t sync between devices).

Also, please see SpamSieve and Multiple Macs.

Thank you very much for your quick reply, I will try that ASAP