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Newbie - Setup / Evaluation Questions

Trying to like / make this work and hitting issues;


  • MacOS 12
  • Apple Mail
  • Office 365 Account

Set up

  • Added the plug in
  • Added the Filter to send ALL EMAIL to the spam folder


  • 99% of my mail is in the SPAM folder
  • Outlook does not like massive moving of emails via Apple Mail, and errors on bulk transfers
  • Contacts are in my ‘Apple Contacts’
  • Emails from these Contacts are sent to SPAM
  • Spent a Day doing th CTL-G thing to move them back, and yet more went to the folder

I get hundreds of emails a day and this is way too much of a mess to clean up, am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

I assume that rule to send everything to the SPAM folder is where the Apple Plug in inspects and tries to move them back? Could it be this Outlook 365 issue of bulk moving that is the issue?

Yes, it sounds like maybe your Apple Mail rule is not set up properly. Did you check that the name is SpamSieve? Is the plug-in enabled?

With the standard setup, SpamSieve will never classify messages from addresses in your Contacts as spam. So, most likely, the messages are not being moved because of SpamSieve. If you need further assistance, please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

No, the messages should stay in the inbox unless Mail asks SpamSieve whether the messages are spam and it says Yes; then Mail will move them. However, if the rule is not set up properly or the plug-in is not enabled, Mail will move every message without consulting SpamSieve.

Typo it was… changed, with great fear, re-engaged it.

Thank You