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No background image displayed

I setup a layout with a background image and icons. I changed the layout in the configuration to the new layout. I created an image from a folder. The image has the application and readme.pdf displayed like expected but the background image does not show up.

I went into terminal /Volumes/MyImage/.DropDMGBackground. I see the image file, but it is not being displayed when opening the dmg file in Finder.

I bought DropDMG because I thought it would make this easy - but it is not working as expected. If this cannot be resolved, I want a refund.

Are you using Mac OS X 10.6.4 and FileVault? I’ve seen a problem where disk images created with that configuration do not show the background picture (whether set by DropDMG or manually via the Finder). I’ve filed this as a bug with Apple. The only workarounds that I know of are using an account that does not have FileVault enabled or using Mac OS X 10.5.

I am not using FileVault. Investigating further, the .DS_Store file in the DMG is not referencing the .DropDMGBackground folder to find the image. It is referencing another location on my HD. Before buying DropDMG, I was trying to make a DMG with a background image manually. The DMG had the same name as the one I am trying to make with DropDMG. Somehow, Mac OSX keeps putting that reference to the other name in there. I double checked I was opening the right DMG (mounted from within DropDMG) and verified no other old DMG’s were around.

I renamed everything - the layout, config, and dmg file and then it worked. It is not the name I wanted but at least the images work now.