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No disclosure triangle for the Unfiled folder?

(Using 1.2) I just noticed that when I import a mailbox, I can no longer look in it from the Unfiled smart category: I must either double click on it (opening a new window) or look for it in the folder hierarchy.

Could it be possible to have a disclosure triangle when mailboxes are added to the library and are unfiled?

Thanks a lot.

I recommend instead that you select it in Unfiled and choose Select Source (or use the toolbar button) to select it in the source list.

I removed this in 1.2 because people found it confusing and because it was making EagleFiler a lot slower. However, there is a hidden preference to enable or disable showing disclosure triangles for smart folders.

I did not think of “Select source”, thanks for reminding me. And I can definitely live without it if it makes things slower.