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No files to see inside EagleFiler

I’ve a problem with EagleFiler. I can’t see the files in the main window when I open EagleFiler. In the Header it shows me overall round about 5.500 files inside.
When I’m searching for a file it shows in the header x of 5.500, but no file in the main window.
I’ve tried to create a new library, also the same. Create new index, the same.

Who can help and have a answer?
Thanks a lot in advance.

It sounds like maybe the split bar is dragged all the way to the top, so that you can’t see the records list. Can you try dragging down the divider (circled in red below)?

Oh no, I’m sorry. I am ashamed. Such a stupid rookie mistake.

But thank you so much for your help. :wave: