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No Hits ???

I read the manual and the FAQS and i give up now…
In my black list I have 207 rules and NO Hits at all (but I’ve spams in my SPAM file.
What is happening ?
PS : Mc OSX 10.8.5 - Spamsieve 2.9.9.
Thanks in advance


It would help if you could explain what you did, what happened, and what you expected to happen instead.

If there are messages that SpamSieve automatically classified as spam, you can look at the “Predicted: Spam” entries in the log to see why it did so.

no Hits
O.K. THank you for your nice and quick answer :
what I did :

  1. I submitted a rule (about spams in russian language ) like “end of address contains <com.ua>” in the black list (see attachment_1)
  2. this rule is well noted in my spamsieve Log.log (see attachment_2)
  3. I check that such a mail has been considered as spam in my mail “spam files” (see attachment_3)

… but there is “Hits = 0” applied to this rule and all the other ones (see attachment_1 again)
That means, I cannot measure and appreciate the work of SpamSieve as if it were not efficient.

I hope you find elements for an answer…
Best regards




No, it’s not. The log says “Reason: looked up message in corpus.” This means that SpamSieve thought the message was spam because it recognized that you had trained that exact same message as spam. Thus, it did not need to use the blocklist. If you receive a new message from that address, it will not be in the corpus, so SpamSieve will use the blocklist. It will note this in the log, and the Hits column in the Blocklist window will update.