No message display in the log window

Hi All. I didn’t find any info about this, but there is a lot here and perhaps I’m missing something. I’m using Sonoma 14.1 on an M2 MBPro, 24 GB memory, 2 TB SSD. I have SpamSieve 3.01 installed and use Airmail v5.6.12, although I also have Outlook installed (v16.78.2). Sometimes I get a notification that SS doesn’t know whether an email is spam or not. I click the notification and it opens the log window with the email of concern selected. There are four selectable views, Info, Message, Raw Source, and Structure. All of them display correctly except for the Message view. It never displays the message; the spinner in the center of the window just spins for eternity. Is there some way to fix this?

There’s more information about that here.

I haven’t seen that problem before. The Message view is handled by Quick Look, so perhaps it would help to reset it using this Terminal command:

qlmanage -r

Or maybe if you use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu right after the problem occurs and send me the report file I’ll be able to see what’s causing that.

Hi Michael,

The terminal command didn’t help. I’ve saved the diagnostic report while having the log open to Message View and attached it.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for the report. I’m not seeing anything in the log that hints at why Quick Look isn’t working. You can also view messages by using the Open in External Viewer command. In a future version, SpamSieve will use its own code to display the messages, which will avoid the Quick Look problem.