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No spam in Spam folder

I installed SS on my iMac and all worked well. I then installed it on my MacBook. I understand now that you cannot have two locals going at once since all spam will be directed to one folder. So, I deleted SS from the McBook but still do not see Spam in my Spam folder on the iMac. Thanks! Neil

Do you see the spam in the inbox? If the spam isn’t on the iMac at all, that means the mail program didn’t find any new messages to download from the server, and therefore this isn’t really a SpamSieve issue.

Thank you
Thank you Michael, but previous to this I have been getting a thousand spams a day so I am guessing that something is not right. The filter is working but the Spam is going somewhere which would be fine with me but I am afraid of missing something important that sneaks by. Would you suggest that I just uninstall and reinstall? Thanks - Neil

Yes, something isn’t right, but we don’t know what, or even if it’s on your Mac.

Do you have any evidence of that? Are the “missing” messages mentioned in SpamSieve’s log?


Thank you
All working fine. I somehow created two folders named Spam and was looking in the wrong one. Embarrassingly such. Neil