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No Zoom for Doc Files?

Michael stated that all View functions work with doc files in the EF library. However these functions don’t work for me: all the zoom buttons and zoom functions in the View Menu are greyed out when I view doc files. I have EF 1.4.14, OS X 10.5.8, PB G4. The zoom functions in the Window Menu do work, but these don’t change the magnification.

I believe I said that zooming works for PDFs. There is currently no zooming for Word files, although that’s a feature I’d like to add.

I believe I said that zooming works for PDFs.

So you did. I missed that-which was the point of the thread, I now see- and focused on the next paragraph, which said that the Viewer Panel was functional for all the file formats that EF reads. The lack of zoom makes the doc files per se pretty useless to me. However I can print doc files to EF as pdf files and zoom that way. I had just run into a complicated doc file which printed to three different pdfs ( print format changed to landscape in the middle), and I was hoping that I could just import the single doc file into EF and read it there.