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Noob questions - Search File Types, Python and External Editor

Have just purchased and set up my EagleFiler environment and all is working very well. Nice tool for Mac users. Well done.

The only questions I have are

1. Finding by File Type

Regarding the search query syntax, I want to find all images regardless of the folder(s) they reside in.
I selected the records folder and thought ***.jpg .png .gif would find all the images but no luck.
Also tried kind:image but to no avail.

2. Python Integration

I can see Applescript is supported. Can I use a python script?

3. External Editor

Can I edit EF plain text files using an external code editor e.g. Sublime Text directly from within EagleFiler. Main reason is so I can use EF as a code repository

Thanks in Advance

The problem with the above is that EagleFiler does an AND search by default. “kind:” syntax is not currently supported (only “tag:”).

There are a variety of ways to do this:

  • An Anywhere search with Match Partial Words checked for “.jpg OR .png OR .gif”.
  • An Anywhere search with Match Partial Words unchecked for “*.jpg OR *.png OR *.gif”.
  • A smart folder that specifies precisely what you want, matching either the Kind or Filename with Ends With or Matches Regex.

There’s no separate Python API, but there are various means that you can use AppleScript via Python.

Yep, just like you can with regular Mac text files.

Hi Michael

Thanks for the prompt feedback, much appreciated.

Re the points I raised

  1. Searches work exactly as you outlined. thanks

  2. Re python integration I set up an external application (via Always Open With) that runs python code using the EF file I double clicked and displays the results in Sublime Text. A bit convoluted but it works well for my use case. I’ve also used a similar approach to execute a Livecode application successfully. The world is my oyster :slight_smile:

  3. external editing working perfectly thanks

Keep up the great work.

I look forward to digging into EF more over the coming weeks


Great! I should also note that in addition to Python calling AppleScript, you could use AppleScript (e.g. via the system script menu or FastScripts) to call into Python.