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Not Catching Any Spam

Good evening:

On one of my email addresses I have started getting an abundance of spam. Some of words that show up are already rejected and hadn’t been appearing but now they are back. Seems to not be removing the spam at all. Other accounts seem OK so far but when I look at my email in the morning the email count is at a very high number than normal. My iMac is the email server so not sure if all this issue is from the server not sorting through the mail when in sleep mode out of the blue. What are your thoughts?

I moved this to a new topic because it didn’t seem to be related to the original. Or are you saying that there were non-spam messages that you trained as spam?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “rejected” or “appearing” here.

Have you checked the setup in your mail client?

Which count are you referring to? Do you think you are being sent more messages than in the past?

Mail only checks for new mail (and filters it using SpamSieve) once per hour when the Mac is asleep. Before investigating any mail issues on your iPhone, I recommend making sure everything is working as expected on the Mac.

Please make sure that the Mac is set to move the spam messages to the special Junk mailbox and that you’ve set that to be on the mail server (for each of your accounts). That will make it more likely that Mail is able to move the message after SpamSieve identifies it as spam. If you still see spam messages in the inbox on the Mac, are they colored?

The spam is not colored. None of my spam message are but they do have words and phrases that should be blocked form coming through. I will check on account against the other just to make sure they match.

Thank you!

If none are colored (and you are using Apple Mail) that suggests that SpamSieve is not enabled. Please try checking the setup.

If I look in my spam folder I see several colors, Gray, Blue, Yellow and Purple. But even though I see this in the spam folder they still come back and sit in my inbox until I remove them. That is the strange part. Sometimes they are caught and other times not.

Looking in the log I see that some emails, both good and spam show up four times. But again, only on one of six email accounts. I am not sure while that happens but I get only one email and not four fortunately.

No spam issues in the other accounts

When you say “come back” do you mean that the colored messages move back from the spam mailbox to the inbox? And become uncolored? Or you see the same message in two places at once?

Or are you referring to entirely separate messages? That resemble the ones in the spam mailbox?

Do they have the same Identifier each time?

If the messages are moving to spam in Apple Mail but not in Airmail, it sounds like you’re running into a Mail bug where it doesn’t properly move/delete messages. You should be able to work around that by switching from the Spam mailbox to a server Junk mailbox as described here.

Or you could uninstall SpamSieve from Apple Mail and enable it in Airmail.