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Not filtering and cleared my inbox.

It is filtering ALL my emails to the junk folder AND, it completely cleared all the emails (and there were TONS!) out of my inbox. Things better change drastically for me to buy this…

I have trained with a bunch of emails.


As far as I know, there are only two circumstances in which SpamSieve will touch old messages in the inbox:

  1. You selected the messages and asked it to filter them. It doesn’t seem likely that you did that by accident.
  2. You had just setup the rule in Apple Mail and clicked the “Apply” button. You should instead click “Don’t Apply,” as recommended by the manual.

So I’m going to assume you’re using Apple Mail. In that case, one of the frequently asked questions is Why is every message going to the Spam mailbox?. Probably you did not install SpamSieve’s Mail plug-in or you did not name your rule “SpamSieve”. In either case, Mail will move all the messages to the Spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve. If you correctly follow the installation instructions, it will work.

I installed it and setup the rule yesterday
So it would not have cleared my inbox tonight. When you said the other option may have been if I selected the messages and then asked it to filter them but I don’t even know how to do this. I haven’t really been having much luck with the product in general. Even after training it is still sorting ALL messages to the Junk folder.


A third option is that the inbox clearing was unrelated to SpamSieve.

The training is probably irrelevant because, like I said, if you don’t have it setup properly Mail will move all the messages to the Spam mailbox without consulting SpamSieve. The Open Log command will let you see whether the messages are going to the Spam mailbox because SpamSieve predicted them to be spam or because of a setup problem. If the latter, which is what I suspect, the solution is to change your SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences to match the one in the instructions. If you cannot figure out how to do this, you can send in your rules file:


via e-mail, and I’ll take a look. You might also have a look at What information should I include when I report a problem?. The more information you provide, the easier it will be to find a solution.

Not working
I’m still not sure why Spamsieve decided to empty my inbox (in Entourage), but the next step is I would really like to get it working. The Entourage, “Junk E-mail protection” is just awful and I really need to get something that works. My email is getting more and more messed up now that all my emails are going into my Junk folder. I get about 100 spam messages a day, and now the good messages are mixed in amongst all that junk and are easy to miss.

Will Spamsieve be a program that I will be able to count on?

Thanks so much,


Why didn’t you say that you were using Entourage when I incorrectly guessed that you were using Apple Mail? I need accurate information in order to help you. Which version of Entourage are you using? Is your mail account POP or IMAP?

Yes, of course. So far, you have not even been using SpamSieve. The messages have been going to your Junk folder, not because SpamSieve did anything, but because of something (I’m not sure what, yet) that you did in Entourage.

Entourage 2008 (version 12.1.3)

I am so sorry, I have been getting all kinds of messed up with my email, and in the midst of this mess in my frustration I sent you the note.

I feel like a real doofus, I am very sorry, I sure appreciate your help and I can’t wait to get this mess under control. If only I could get rid of anything that has the name Microsoft on it. The Entourage junk email protection did work fine then it started acting very weird for no apparent reason. Even with the setting on low, it was still sending all my incoming email messages to my junk folder.

My email account is POP.

Thanks again Michael,


Please choose Rules from Entourage’s Tools menu. Which rules do you see listed there?

Spamsieve-Move if Spam
That’s it.

Thanks Mark!

OK, please delete the “SpamSieve - Move If Spam” rule. Then follow the instructions to setup Entourage for SpamSieve.

Also, please send in your log file so that I can see whether anything else needs to be adjusted.

Still all email going to Junk folder

Thanks for your attention. I am very anxious for a product that will successfully filter spam for me. As I mentioned in a recent email, Spamseive is currently sending all email to my junk folder. I am getting to the point that my email is a complete mess and I am having a very hard time digging myself out. In our last email exchange (which I can’t find as a result of this mess), I confirmed that it is setup according to your instructions. I was hoping you would take my situation on as a challenge to help prove that Spamsieve is a proven solution. I could then certainly be used as a testimony.

Thanks Michael,


As I have said several times already, the e-mails are probably not going to the junk folder because of SpamSieve. In order to know for sure, you would need to send me the log (or check it yourself). I have asked you to do that several times, but you have not done so.

There’s no need for you to find the e-mails because this whole exchange is taking place in the Web forum. I do not see a post where you confirm that your setup is correct. In any case, if it isn’t working, your setup must not be correct. So I need you to send me screenshots of your setup in Entourage so that I can help you fix it.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do. The sooner you send me the screenshots and log, the sooner we can get started. If you don’t understand how to do this, please ask a question. Otherwise, I don’t know whether you didn’t see my request, or if you’re ignoring it, or what.

Log Attached
Sorry about that, here you go!


Thanks for sending the log. I’ve removed it from your forum post because I doubt you want all that personal information posted on the Web. (This is why I suggested that you to e-mail it to me.)

The log shows that there are many messages that SpamSieve thought were not spam. Since you said that all the messages are going to the junk folder, this confirms that there’s a setup problem in Entourage. Please send the requested screenshots so that I can help you fix it.

Sorry Michael, I’m not sure which screen shots from Entourage that you want. I am assuming that I would just post them as an attachment as I did with the log file, correct?

I really appreciate your time helping me out with this. Hopefully you are at least getting something out of this as well (i.e., making your application my usable by computer dodo’s (hehe).


Please send screenshots of Entourage’s Rules window, the SpamSieve rule, and the Mailing List Manager window.

That’s fine, or you could send them via e-mail.

I’m waiting
I dowloaded the app that you asked me to and am waiting for instructions on what to do from here,


The setup in Entourage is now correct, but there had been some incorrect training. We quit SpamSieve and removed the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

to completely reset SpamSieve, and then re-trained it.

!!! Great !!!
Had a bit of a challenge getting it working and Michael Tsai was VERY helpful getting it running. Now it runs great, the first few times it made an error, I trained SpamSieve (that it treated a spam email as good or vice versa) and it learned very quickly and now it makes no mistakes, I love it. Entourage Junk mail protection is awful and I spent far too long sorting through my junk folder getting my good emails that were all going to junk even though I had junk protection set to low.

Michael gave me so much attention I was surprised and impressed!

Knock’em’dead Micheal!