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not moving mail to junk folder

I have been a happy spam sieve customer for years and never had an issue. I recently updated to MB Air with Mavericks and installed spam sieve for Outlook on Exchange. The Set Category rule sets the category properly but the Move Messages rule does not move the messages to the junk folder. Images attached.

outlook rules.png

move message.png

Thanks in advance for your help.


Your setup looks fine to me in the screenshots. Is this the only mail account that you are using in Outlook? Could you check the Category pop-up menu to make sure there is only one category called Junk? Lastly, is the second screenshot of your inbox or a smart folder?

Yes, this is the only account for Outlook. On this computer I manage my personal email accounts in Mail, but I have not enabled SpamSieve for Mail at this point.

There is 1 category each for Junk and Uncertain Junk.

It is my In Box, not a smart folder.

Are there any rules in Outlook’s Mailing List Manager window?

What happens if you select one of the messages with category Junk and choose Message > Rules > Apply > SpamSieve - Move Messages?

No rules in Outlook’s Mailing List Manager.

Message > Rules > Apply > SpamSieve - Move Messages moves the message to the Junk mail folder, as it should.

Seems like the problem is that the Move Messages rule is not executing when it should. I tried deleting the rule and re-adding it, but the result was the same.

Agreed, but I’m not sure why that would be. I don’t think I’ve seen this problem before unless there was another rule pre-empting it. Does it work if you choose Message > Rules > Apply > Apply All?


I added a 3rd rule to change the category to Car. When I take the message and remove the category completely and then select Message > Rules > Apply > Apply All, it changes the category to Junk and nothing more. If I select the new rule and apply it specifically, it adds the Category Car.

Seems like an Outlook problem at this point.

Yeah. Which version of Outlook do you have? Have you tried rebuilding the database?

Outlook 2011
Version 14 (100825)
Clean install in the last 2 weeks.

I rebuilt the database and no love. Outlook will not execute any rules beyond the first one, no matter if it’s one of yours or another one I created.

I will engage our help desk and see if they can figure it out.

Thanks for your help.


That seems like really old version. I think the current one is 14.3.9 (131030). There are free updates here.

I think we are all good. I updated to the latest version, which by itself did not do the trick. However, I deleted the rules and re-added them and it started working.

The only wrinkle is that the Move rule is configured to move the messages to the Junk folder on the server rather than On My Computer. The Junk folder I see in Outlook is the server folder. When the rule was configured for On My Computer, the messages would move but I have no idea where they went.

Michael, thank you so much for hanging with me and figuring this out. My InBox is much happier now, and therefore, so am I.