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Not sure if it's SpamSieve or Mail. Behavior Issue

I have had SpamSieve over a year. LOVE it! However I do a lot of website development, and I like to hide my mail when I’m not using it. Every good piece of mail that comes in, makes my Mail.app front most window. Could SpamSieve have anything to do with it?

Any help would be great.

I don’t think so. Does unchecking (temporarily) the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences fix the problem? If the problem still occurs when SpamSieve is not active, it’s probably not related.

Do you have any rules in Mail’s preferences that run AppleScripts? Sometimes people have an unnecessary script rule that causes that.

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Thank you. Have disabled it and tested it. Still comes up which means check them filters with AppleScript. If I find the problem, I will update.

Spam sieve works great to me. Haven’t faced any problems yet. But I’ll be waiting for your problem update. Thanks

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Problem still not solved, but it does happen when I have spamSieve disabled… so it’s not this… Hope it clears up after my Catalina update… If I get this solved I will update you, just incase someone else has this similar problem.