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Not working as expected after migrating to new computer

I recently bought a new computer and used migration assistant to move everything over. I’m also now running Monterey rather than Big Sur, so the problem may lie there as well.

SpamSieve is now missing lots of spam that it wasn’t prior to the move. I’m also getting a several-times-daily warning that it’s not set up for Apple Mail (which I don’t use; I’m using Airmail).

I’m guessing some settings got screwy during the migration. Would it be best to reinstall? Or is this fixable?

Have you checked the Airmail setup?

You should use the Uninstall Apple Mail Plug-In… command to tell SpamSieve that you are no longer using Apple Mail.

I did check the Airmail setup and everything was as expected. I tried uninstalling the Apple Mail plug-in and was met with an error (though it’s odd I need to do this as I never used Apple Mail; the only thing I’ve switched was computers, not software).

Things do seem to be working as expected after rechecking those things, though there’s a new issue where SpamSieve sees mail from Square as spam 100% of the time, regardless of how many times I Train as Good and add the address to the whitelist.

What did the error say? The reason I suggested this is that the “not set up for Apple Mail” alert that you mentioned before occurs when SpamSieve has been partially installed for Apple Mail.

This behavior typically means that the messages are being caught as spam by a server junk filter rather than SpamSieve. If you would like to use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, I can take a look. Or you can check SpamSieve’s log yourself.

Thank you for the quick help! I can’t recall the error, but I’m no longer seeing the pop-up so it must have done the trick.

And I made a rule in Gmail to never send Square emails to spam; that also seems to have fixed the issue.

Thanks again (and thanks for your work on this fantastic piece of software)!