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Not working now with Apple mail


My spamsieve is detecting spam, colouring etc, but the folder action no longer seems to work ? The spam files are just staying in my inbox and not being moved to the spam folder.

Any suggestions ?

I’m running spam sieve 2.9.19

I’m running apple mail 8.2

And apple OS 10.10.2



Please see the Why are messages marked as spam in Apple Mail but not moved? page.

EXACT same issue, same software, etc. on my Mac ever since I updated everything a few days ago. Never seen it like this. I’ve set Mail to check mail “manually” thinking maybe SpamSieve was slow to react when Mac is awakened from Sleep, but that doesn’t seem to help as Mail still seems to check mail automatically!

Did you try what I suggested to the original poster? This is a relatively common problem, since there are a variety of things that can cause this behavior, including bugs in recent versions of the OS. I have never seen the suggestions not work.

#3 - QuitMailWhenMacSleeps esoteric preference to make SpamSieve automatically quit Mail before the Mac sleeps and launch it when it wakes…

I applied this option last week and so far so good. Thanks.