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Notarization capability for DropDMG

Will you be adding a Notarization capability to DropDMG --assuming Apple eventually gets notarization working properly ?

Yes, that is likely a feature I will add. I agree that it is very much in flux at Apple right now. I’ve been seeing wildly difference server responses and response times for the same app content.

Any update on this? I would really love to see the ability to automatically upload the DMG to notarization service and either for the app to check status every 30 seconds or so…

It’s still a feature I’d like to add, but I haven’t had time to do it yet. Fortunately, Apple has made notarization faster, and they now e-mail you when it’s done so you don’t have to keep checking.

Thanks for the info. I’ve actually written a simple app that uses the DropDMG command line tool to create the disk image, then uploads it to notarization, waits for it to be notarized, staples it and creates a Sparkle update feed. If you want to, I can share this with you as everything apart from the last point is what DropDMG could do on its own…

Cool. Others may also be interested in the SD Notary tool.

SD Notary does currently not support DMGs. So one has first to notarize the app using SD Notary and then to create the DMG using DropDMG.

I’ve added more information about notarization here.