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Note Naming Goodness

Very happy with EF so far. But I think it’s potential is even more exciting.

I’d really like to see the names of the notes be more intelligable. There might be occasion to alter a note on a filed item, however the number-based naming scheme doesn’t help much.

Would duplicating the Files directory structure in the Notes directory and using a naming convetion like <filename>.efnote.rtfd create too much overhead?

I’d suggest that this request would extend the export options a great deal and further integrate EF into a users regular work flow by not making EF the only application that can handle the note files.

I don’t really want to duplicate the whole hierarchy (and keep it up-to-date) for the note files. Could you tell me more about what you’re trying to do? There’s another thread where we’re talking about exporting metadata from EagleFiler. I lean toward that approach for exporting. If you want to edit the notes with another application, then perhaps there should be a way, within EagleFiler, to open the note for a record in TextEdit (or to access the note file via AppleScript). That would be considerably easier than having to manually dig through a folder hierarchy in the Finder to find the note file.