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Notebooks App and EF

I’m wondering if anyone can provide feedback on how to use EF with Notebooks App using Dropbox as the sync store. I am very interested in moving my DEVONthink data into EF but need a good iOS companion besides iOS Files.

Thank you

I have recently moved my EF library from Dropbox to iCloud, and use iOS Files to create, edit, share,etc from my phone. Works seamlessly and the view of the EF file structure in Files is just like viewing it via Finder on the Mac. I like that consistency. I highly recommend Eaglefiler over Devonthink! What is your hesitation regarding iOS Files?

I have no issues with Files. I can navigate the file structure of my files in Dropbox in the same way I could with Files. The only difference is that I have Dropbox business account and that allows me to leverage their search capabilities (which also searches inside the contents of files) and that kind of makes up for the lack of an EF iOS client.

I understand! At first, I felt like DB was a necessity for my business and it works great. The private sharing capability/file transfer, etc., was convenient. However, after examination, it was only necessary for a very small segment of my work.

I do wonder if Michael has considered developing an IOS app. I know I would use it on a regular basis for the first phase of work I do, which is taking videos, photos, audio notes and typed notes. I could drop those things directly into a Library at the onset.

Good luck with your issue. Sorry I could not be of help!

Appreciate the follow up. Yes, I would definitely love to see an iOS version of EF. I have over 400GB of “knowledge” under EF which I access quite frequently and would be of tremendous value to have it accessible to me at all times. Since I’m very mobile, when the iOS DB interface is not sufficient for me, I have to LogMeIn into my Mac to use EF. Thanks

Yes, I want it, too! I’m working towards that, though the current main priority is EagleFiler 2.0 for Mac.

Outstanding! Thank you!

Best news all week!

EF 2.0!! How exciting. Any estimates on when we might see it?

It’s probably not a good idea to give you a date. But I’m working on it.

Thanks! I understand. Sorry, couldn’t resist the temptation to ask.

No problem—I’m happy that you’re excited about it. :slight_smile: