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Nothing happens when I select "SpamSieve Change Settings" from Message menu

Mail Version 9.3 (3124), SpamSieve 2.9.26

Googled around and haven’t seen this issue mentioned. This is on a new Mac where I did a clean install rather than a migration.

Just tried it on the old Mac and I get a dialog.

No error messages in Console that I could find.

I haven’t heard of this happening before without anything in Console. Did you check the All Messages section, as described here? Also, you may want to check there right when you launch Mail.

If you open Activity Monitor (while Mail is running) do you have a SpamSieveHelper process running?

I’m a crappy Console searcher. I quit and relaunched mail and got.

11/1/16 5:08:17.433 PM Mail[13158]: SpamSieve Mail Plug-In: Launching via launch agent failed.

Which is semi-weird, because it otherwise seems to be working.

So, I quit Mail uninstalled/reinstalled the plug-in and the change settings dialog came up.


That’s exactly what I would recommend. My guess is that with that error message the training commands wouldn’t work, either. Glad you got it working.