Nothing happens when training certain messages as spam

I just updated Spamsieve a few minutes ago. v 2.9.52.

I am having this problem.

Could you please explain in more detail what is happening? Which mail program and version of macOS are you using? Which mailbox are the messages in when you train them? Does anything happen—i.e. do they change color or does Mail freeze?

Latest Apple Mail Version 16.0 (3731.400.51.1.1)

Latest MacOS 13.2.1 on a M1 MacBook Air.

Latest SpamSieve.

It occurs sporadically (the best sort of bug, right?). When it happens, Mail acts like nothing happens when I choose “Train as Spam”. The email doesn’t move, doesn’t change colour, nothing.

Then I think you just be seeing a different issue, because Apple fixed the bug the original poster ran into back in macOS 11.x or 12.x.

When the problem occurs, does it then become consistent, i.e. training that same message again continues to do nothing? Or does it tend to work the second time?

It seems to be per-message, but I’ll need to pay some closer attention.

I was prompted to raise the issue with a particular message. Right after I posted it, another message was handled just fine.

I’ll try to find more specifics about the behaviour. You might leave this open while I’m doing that.

OK, I have moved this to a new topic. It may help (for messages received in the future) for you to go to Mail ‣ Settings ‣ Accounts ‣ Account Information and set Download Attachments to All for each account.

I don’t think I should have to do that.

Running Console while trying to train a couple of recalcitrant emails, I get:

Mail[69128] Unable to quarantine: 1

Well, I am trying to narrow down where the problem might be. The Download Attachments setting is relevant because there is a bug in macOS 13 with downloading messages on demand.

Do you get the quarantine error when successfully training messages?

You can click this link to enable some SpamSieve debug logging. Then when you try to train messages there should be some extra log messages (search for MJTLog) that show the steps as the training proceeds.

Happened repeatedly tonight. The only thing printed to a log is:

2023/03/19 01:00:16:764 DHAlfredWorkflow: rebuild cancelled - doesntHaveAlfredWorkflow

Are you training using the Message menu or the keyboard shortcut?

Please make sure that you have restarted SpamSieve after enabling debug logging and that you have started the search in Console for MJTLog before you try the training.