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Now I see lots of spam

I am on macOS 10.15.7 and I recently upgraded to SpamSieve version 2.9.40. Perhaps because of that upgraded I recently started to see a lot of spam emails that previously would have been hidden from my view by SpamSieve as if my corpus wan’t there, but it is and it contains records back to at least July 2013. I’ve been marking each of those emails as spam and while the number of emails I have to mark has decreased I have a new problem. That problem is that I briefly (for perhaps 1/2 second) see the topic of all spam emails that SpamSieve recognizes as spam as they come in and that never was the case before.

What can I do?

I’m not sure I understand the situation. Which mail program are you using with SpamSieve? If you only see the messages briefly in the inbox, that would seem to indicate that they are being filtered out. Which mailbox are they in when you train them as spam?

I’m using Apple Mail version 14.0

If you only see the messages briefly in the inbox => Yes, that’s the case.

… that would seem to indicate that they are being filtered out.=>Yes they are being filtered out and they are going to my Spam folder, however 1) I never remember seeing them even briefly in previous version of Mail/SpamSieve and 2) I’m now getting a LOT more than I used to get and it makes me think that there’s something wrong with SpamSieve’s processing.

BTW I apologize for not responding sooner and that’s because while I have “watching” set in this forum I didn’t get any notification of your response.

I recently upgraded my macOS to 11.0.1

If the messages are automatically going to the Spam mailbox you should not be training them as spam.

Are you accessing this mail account from any other Macs?

I’m not sure why you did not receive an e-mail from the forum, as there is a record that it was sent.

These are the SpamSieve rules that I have turned on. Should I not be training any of the messages in any of the associated mail folders? For example I have a Spam50 folder. Should I train them?

Correct, you should only train mistakes, i.e. spam messages that weren’t automatically moved.

Final questions: If an email is moved to, say, SpamSieve [Orange] and I don’t train it, how will SpamSieve treat a very similar email next time? Will it be moved to Orange or will it go directly to my Spam folder?

It depends. Based on a variety of factors, SpamSieve may choose to train itself with the message, which would make it more likely that future similar ones would be treated as more spammy. But it’s not a good idea to do this for every orange message.