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Now my inbox is clean how can I sort out my wife's?

I’ve been drowning in spam so in desperation set out yesterday to improve from the default Apple Mail spam system and found SpamSieve.

Wow, what a difference. What I really love about it is that it cleans my server IMAP mailboxes so my iPhone is also not drowned in spam. Fantastic, I couldn’t pay my money fast enough!

Unfortunately my wife remains stubbornly wedded to Windows, so her Outlook and iPhone continue to drown in spam.

Having seen how well SpamSieve works on the mac I looked first to see if there was a pc version available, but sadly not. And all the other spam filters I found for Windows don’t seem to offer the killer benefit of cleaning the server - as far as I can tell they just work on the client machine.

So I have been trying to work out whether I can clean wifey’s inbox using my Mac, but I don’t think that’s going to work. Firstly I don’t particularly want to read her email and I can’t find any way of excluding one particular mailbox from the unified mailbox (I could live with downloading her mail to my Mac but I really don’t want to see it in the unified mailbox as that will get very confusing). I could buy another copy of SpamSieve to run on an entirely separate mac, whose sole purpose in life is to clean her mailbox, but that doesn’t seem very sensible either. Or perhaps run a second mail client on my main Mac to check and clean her mail only (I.e. Use Mail to clean mine and something else to clean hers)?

Anyone got any thoughts as to the best way forward?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Tim - a very happy customer

There’s no way to change what Mail shows in its unified inbox, although you could create a smart mailbox to use instead.

That would work, although because the clients are running in the same Mac OS X user account the training data would be shared. It would be better for you to have separate training data because you receive different types of messages. I would suggest that you create a separate user account for her on your Mac. Then you can run separate copies of Mail and SpamSieve for her. You can use the Fast User Switching feature so that her account is logged in and filtering in the background while you are using your account. You can also use the drone setup so that she can train SpamSieve from her iPhone rather than having to log into the Mac.