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Now what?

I’m a relatively happy, but not ecstatic SpamSieve user. Initially it seemed to work really well… now about a dozen spams, really OBVIOUS spams, get through every day. It’s a lot better then the hundreds that got through before, but I’m not recommending the product to anyone until it lives up to the Pogue claim of a CLEAN inbox. BUT that’s not what this post is about… I just got one of those Android phones. What a freakin headache. All the spam that SpamSieve is catching in Entourage is now flooding my phone. So now what? Does anyone out there know how to filter spam on an Android phone?

Sounds like something isn’t set up properly. Please see the FAQ or send in a report to technical support.

Please make sure that your phone is set to connect to the mail server via IMAP or Exchange. That way, when Entourage moves the spams out of the inbox it will sync this with the server (which the phone will then sync with).

We found the problem. Spencer was receiving lots of spams from a particular address, but he had a rule in Entourage that kept running an AppleScript telling SpamSieve to whitelist this address.