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Nuke option

SpamSieve is a great product and filters my email into my Inbox and Junk folder very well. I just wish that there was another option. At the moment, the filtered results are NOT SPAM, SPAM. I would like to have the options NOT SPAM, MIGHT BE SPAM, NUKE IMMEDIATELY.

Any mail that is not whitelisted and has a link to a PHP script, would be nuked. Any mail with a visible link that does not match the actual link would be nuked. Any mail that has multiple links to the actual links from different visible links would be double nuked. Any address blacklisted would be deleted immediately, not sent to Junk or Spam folders (in Mail)

What do you thinks?

Aside from the visual/actual links, you can do these things today with (https://c-command.com/spamsieve/help/spam-message-colors-in) and blocklist rules. Please see Example 1.

I am a brand new trial user of SpamSieve, and this nuke option (true blocklist/blacklist) is precisely what I was looking for in SpamSieve (or any product that could work with Apple Mail). Before I retired I used Outlook in a corporate environment (as a software engineer in a major corp) and I had automatic spam filtering PLUS the ability to mark any individual sender as blocked such that a blocked email address never made it to any folder, not inbox, spam, trash…nothing. Auto-deleted. I am looking for that feature again via the click of a button or keyboard shortcut. No script or rule to set up. Just let me mark specific senders as blocked IN ADDITION to having all other mail filtered just as SpamSieve does.

Frankly Apple Mail was catching >99% of all spam but I still had to review it to make sure nothing got through, and that’s no different than with SpamSieve. I had set up long auto-delete rules in Apple Mail which worked wonderfully, but adding each new blocked email address was very tedious. I want a simple button to click like I had in Outlook. Then I’ll never see another message from that sender. And it should NOT be moved to the trash, rather auto-deleted. I want the trash to be clean with just valid messages that are ready for deletion (in 30 days in my case). These are more like a timed archive. With Apple Mail junk mail, I have it set to delete (not trash) in 1 day. If I can’t review it in 1 day, too bad. It’s gone.

I have seen several forum threads essentially asking for this same thing. Please consider adding this capability with a much easier way to implement it.


You can do this today, as I described above. Just tell it that you want to Delete Message instead of Move Message to Trash. But please be careful because the messages matching the blocklist really will be gone, with no backup. It is much safer to move the messages to a separate holding mailbox and then bulk delete them after you’re sure there are no good messages in there.

Yes, but it requires setting up the rules as you indicated (which I have done), but then only messages deemed “blue” (or whatever color/threshold) are auto-deleted. I don’t know exactly what goes into a message considered level blue. I did not explicitly say block this email address. That’s what I want. What if something else achieves blue status that I did not explicity add to a block list? I don’t want that. I want an easy way to say “no more from this specific sender.” Everything else should be available for review as general spam. I believe that’s what other users are asking for as well.

Only messages that match the blocklist are considered blue. This would include SpamSieve’s built-in blocklist rules (which you could uncheck to disable if you don’t want them) and the sender names and addresses of messages that you’ve trained as spam.

Ugh. I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying (and I think others), so I will try one last time and won’t respond again.

What you are suggesting (“This would include SpamSieve’s built-in blocklist rules (which you could uncheck to disable if you don’t want them)”) is work on my part. I have to read and understand your built-in blocklist rules to see if I would want to uncheck them. I do not want to work and figure this out. I just want your product to be able to do two things: 1) Do what you already do to move suspected messages to a spam folder for review. Do it as you already do. 2) Allow me to manually specify a block list of known senders which should not be allowed and block those (auto-delete). The block list should work the way it does for phone calls and iMessages in iOS. They are blocked, i.e., they are not received at all. Not quarantined. Nothing. Not received.

A block list should operate differently than a list of suspected bad messages. The two should not be mixed. But it appears that they way things are currently implemented in the product, it does not appear to me that SpamSieve cannot absolutely distinguish between an email address I want blocked and a message I have indicated as “Train as Spam.” How do you know I didn’t mark one message “Train as Spam” based on the content (not the sender) and another based specifically on the sender?

It quickly gets tricky to auto-delete based on content or subject. I might receive a forwarded message that is spam but the forwarder asked me some question about it. I want to see that. That sender may not be in my contact list so cannot automatically be whitelisted.

I just want to be able to blacklist a specific email address and never see anything from it again…again, just as phone and iMessage blocking works. All the rest should go to the spam folder for review.

I am trying to explain to you how you can get as close to what you are asking for with the product as it exists today. I understand that it is more work than you want and not precisely what you are asking for. I am taking your comments (and those of other customers) into consideration in planning for future versions of SpamSieve. But I do think that it’s currently possible to get closer to what you want than you seem to realize.

With the normal way SpamSieve is used, training a message as spam will also add the sender to the blocklist. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. One option would be to:

  1. Uncheck “Train SpamSieve blocklist” in the preferences.
  2. Manually delete all the blocklist rules.
  3. When you relaunch SpamSieve and it auto-creates its built-in rules, uncheck all of them (o you don’t have to understand them).
  4. Install the Block Sender script.

If you do this, then you can choose Block Sender from the menu to add the sender of the current message to SpamSieve’s blocklist. And the blocklist will be redefined to only have the addresses that you specifically add to it in that way. Using the color rules with Delete Message for the Blue messages, the senders on the blocklist will be deleted and the other messages deemed to be spam (based on content analysis) will go to the Spam mailbox.

Another option would be to leave SpamSieve as it is, with the regular non-color rule. You could then put an Apple Mail rule above the SpamSieve rule, and this rule would delete the messages that you want. This rule could probably be updated via a script so you don’t have to manually add addresses to it.