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Occasional marked junk doesn't move in Postbox

My apologies if this topic has been discussed before.

Spamsieve works great with PB and catches 99% of my junk mail. Recently I’ve noticed that one or two messages end up in the inbox and are marked as junk but they don’t move to the junk folder. There’s no way to move them other than just deleting them.

Is there a solution to this or have the spammers figured out how to defeat the process?

First, please make sure that the messages were automatically classified as spam (rather than marked as junk using a rule that you created in Postbox—you should not have any such rules, anyway). You can check this in SpamSieve’s log.

With Postbox, SpamSieve only handles the analysis portion of spam-handling, i.e. deciding whether a message should be marked as spam. This sounds like an issue with message moving/storage, so I would suggest contacting Postbox support.

It’s probably just a bug.

This appears to be a Postbox problem

I have been using Postbox for a few weeks. I have a few different emails that it checks. I have noticed that in one account in particular, the spam usually doesn’t get moved when I mark it as spam. I have checked to make sure the settings are correct and they are identical to the settings in my main account where the messages usually do move. (I have not yet tackled the problem on the PB forum). So I suspect this has nothing to do with SpamSieve.