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Odd behaviour...(or not?)

I am just a couple of days into my SpamSieve trial, and I must say I am impressed. My host has been having some issues with SpamAssassin, and I’ve been inundated for the past week with all the spam I haven’t even had to look at for such a long time.

I was hoping Spam Sieve would be able to just delete all spam rather than even putting it in the spam folder. However a search through the forums here seems to indicate that’s only possible by using Apple Mail’s Junk folder.

However, today I noticed something interesting which I don’t remember happening when I first installed SpamSieve. In my dock, when I receive mail, my Mail icon shows the number of new emails, and the SpamSieve icon also shows a number. When I check the mail, though, there’s nothing in my Spam folder…only my inbox. Is the SpamSieve icon showing all mail it processes? I was under the impression it only showed the number of spam emails.

If it’s actually just deleting them, that would be fine, as I trust it already. Or is this the way it always shows email?

Well, you could certainly tell it to put the spam directly into the trash.

The SpamSieve Dock icon shows the number of non-spam messages that it processed.

Thanks for the very quick reply.

It’s not really a matter of what the folder is named. I was hoping they would not show up anywhere…just be deleted automatically. Whether SpamSieve puts them in the Trash folder or the Spam folder, I still have to manually delete them. Unless I’m missing that part in the manual, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I really did look through the manual before posting. Guess I must have missed that part.

P.S. This thing is smart…and a fast learner!

The most you can do is have SpamSieve put it in the trash, but you could, say, set Mail to automatically empty the trash when it quits.