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Oddnesses with Excel Files and a Disappearing Drop Pad

I am having a couple of issues with Excel files in EF. By way of comparison, in MS Word, pressing the capture key with nothing selected simply imports the whole file; when I do that in Excel, it says “Nothing to Capture”, and good to its word, it does nothing. While I realize Excel is not a supported format, EF can import Excel files, of course, so shouldn’t it work similarly to Word and just import the whole file?

Once an Excel file is imported, EF does attempt to show a preview. With some files, but not others, it for some reason or other decides to zoom the text so large it shows almost nothing useful. I can’t seem to find any consistency as to which files it zooms and which it doesn’t. Any thoughts?

Finally, let me add another vote for a floating Drop Pad.

Thanks for any info,


Excel is not on the list of applications that EagleFiler knows how to capture from, so what you are seeing is the expected behavior. I’ll add this as a feature request.

The preview is generated by Quick Look. If there are particular files that don’t preview satisfactorily, please e-mail them to me and I’ll report them to Apple.

I’m not sure what that means—it’s already a floating window.

Sorry – I meant keeping the Drop Pad on top of other windows.

BTW, I have found that for me, the easiest way to import the Excel files is, from within Excel, save them to the “To Import” folder.


Thanks for clarifying. That’s actually not a very common request.

Another way is to create an Excel stationery and then create the new documents from within EagleFiler.

Contrary to what I said above, EagleFiler does support capturing from Excel. I added this in version 1.1.1 but forgot to add it to the list.

Capturing from Excel works the same way as capturing from Word. I just tested it with Excel 2004 and 2008, and it seems to work fine. If you’re seeing the “Nothing to Capture” dialog, you probably need to follow its instructions and save the worksheet to disk or bring its window to the front.