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old spam messages returning

since upgrading to newest version of spam sieve and OS X yosemite, I have been getting tens of old spam messages and notifications appearing in my spam box. Some are from 2013. When I had notifications turned on with growl, my screen filled up with “questionable” spam notifications and the faster I deleted them, the faster they popped up. I turned off the growl and not getting mass notifications, but I am still getting old deleted messages from somewhere.

Any one have an idea how to stop this?

wally buch

Which mail program are you using? Does it connect to the server via POP, IMAP, or Exchange?

I am using apple mail via imap.
another clue, perhaps, is that the old messages in the spam folder do not show up in the count. Today there are probably 100 old messages in addition to new appropriate ones.

want to be sure the reply got through. Cant tell by looking at thread.

I am using apple mail, latest yosemite version via imap

There’s really not enough information here for me to know what’s going on. The bottom line is that Apple Mail is sending SpamSieve all these messages for analysis. This could be because they just appeared in its inbox and it thought they were new. Or it could be because you edited a rule in Mail and clicked the button to re-apply all your rules to all the old messages in the current mailbox.

I did edit a rule in mail that I later deleted, so let’s see what happens now. I am going to delete all rules other than the Spam Sieve rules and I will let you know if this bizarre behavior continues.

thanks for your help

Same problem - mavericks

i have the same problem since updating spam sieve and I’m running OS X Mavericks. It’s not the operating system. I found that since the update, Mail re-activated rules, which previously were de-activated. I think there is a fluke in the update that re-activates Apple Mail rules. I de-activated mine. If it stops and there is no further post from me, then that was the problem.

There has never been any code in SpamSieve to activate or deactivate Apple Mail’s rules. SpamSieve does not read or write to that file.

thank you for the reply

I may have to re-install spam sieve. I’ve gotten rid of junk mail notices from Apple Mail by deactivating rules. However, SpamSieve – ever since the update – ignores the blocklist. Suggestions welcomed.

It is normal for Apple Mail to show messages about junk mail. If it seems like SpamSieve is ignoring the blacklist, that probably means that SpamSieve isn’t seeing your incoming messages at all and that you should check the setup.