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Older & New Version EagleFiler

Running EF 1.8.14 on old MacBook Pro OS X 10.11.6. Also have a iMac running Catalina so I can install EF 1.9. Would like to use both installs to access shared libraries.

Are there any problems accessing the same EF Libraries from either EF Versions as long as they are at different times? Are EF libraries always compatible with future EF versions.



The library format does change now and then, which means that the old version won’t open the new format, and the new version will update a library that’s in the old format. It will make a backup and tell you before doing this.

However, I think the last incompatible format change was back in EagleFiler 1.4. Certainly the versions that you mention are fine accessing a shared library, so long as you follow the rules.

Good to know. Thanks, Michael.