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OMG HELP! Inbox empty after install

I just downloaded and installed the trial version. I followed the steps, up to where I’d begin training the filter. Suddenly my entire INBOX (7 accounts on 5 email servers, 6 IMAP, 1 POP) was empty. 1280 messages to 0 in a second. I’ve restarted Mail (Version 2.1.3 (753.1)) and my computer OS X 10.4.11 Server. Still no emails. Anybody have an idea what has happened and what I can do about it?

If I did something wrong, I’m cutting myself off beer tonight.


SpamSieve only ever operates on new messages (when Mail applies the rules to them) and messages that you specifically train it with. Since these weren’t new messages and, presumably, you didn’t train it with all 1,280 messages, it sounds like this problem is not related to SpamSieve.

As a first step, I would try to log into your IMAP accounts via Web mail. This would let you see whether the messages are still there.

Secondly, make a copy of the folder:


This way if you need to reset Mail you will be able to import any of the old mailboxes that are still on your hard drive.

Found them.

They were all in the new spam folder I created for SpamSieve. I’m going through them and using the “Good” command on the non-spam. It is putting them back in my INBOX, but it is marking them all “unread.” I’ll have mark them all as “read” again, but I’m glad to have them back. Much smaller problems. I’m looking forward to SpamSieve doing it’s thing on new mails.


Hmm. You said that the problem occurred when you got the training (Step 8), but I wonder if maybe you accidentally clicked Apply in Step 3. Otherwise there should be no reason for Mail to apply the rules.

Please check that your rule in Mail is called “SpamSieve”. The fact that all the messages moved makes me think that it’s not.

Thanks, Michael.

I recovered all of my emails from the spam folder. I thought I did everything correctly, but as I’ve learned over the years anything can happen.

So far everything looks good.