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On starting mail most mail goes to Spam folder

I run 10.6.1, Spamsieve 2.7.7, Mail 4.1 (1076)
Yesterday and today when I started Mail for the first time, a lot of my good mail went to the spam folder. Had happened previously and then stopped bothering me. I checked the setup and it seems correct. I checked the log and the messages that wind up in the Spam folder say " Predicted: Good (1) "
Not all mail goes to the Spam folder, though.
My Spam folder has a space before the name Spam but I select it in making the rule.
Thereafter it seems to work.
I don’t know if there is a conflict with MailTags, MailActOn, MailFollowUp or MailRecent, all of which I have installed

My guess would be that you’ve setup another rule (besides the SpamSieve one) that moves messages to the Spam mailbox.

Yes, I did have one. I changed it and moved the messages to Trash.
I have had that rule for a long time, though.
Will follow up if I have problems. Thank you

Well, it worked fine for a while.
Now, when I boot my computer, all (or most) of the mail goes into the spam folder.
There is no other rule sending mail to Spam. The log predicts the mails as good (0) but they end up in the Spam folder.
Thereafter Mail works normally.

Please uninstall your other Mail plug-ins and see if that helps.