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One week into trial says expired after Leopard install

I recently decided to give SpamSieve a trial run to see how well it would work for me and my family. I installed it about a week ago.

After installing Leopard this morning, SpamSieve says that my trial period has expired. Something odd must have happened during the switch from Tiger to Leopard.

Is there any way for me to get the rest of my trial period? I was just getting to the point where it was catching most of my spam.

Thanks for the report. This looks like a bug in SpamSieve. I’ll send you a corrected version.

Michael, Thank you for the updated version of the program. After installing, it appears to have reset the 30 day counter. I base that assumption on the fact that it is filtering out the spam now :slight_smile:

Thank you for your quick resolution to the problem.

This is fixed in SpamSieve 2.6.5.