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OneDrive & EagleFiler

Has anyone else experienced issues using OneDrive with EagleFiler? I set up a library to use OneDrive, and the import ran overnight and was still indexing this morning, with a couple of OneDrive processes running over 100% CPU in Activity Monitor (not quite sure how I can be running 300% CPU, but OK) on a MBP 16 with the I9. Granted the file count was like 16K, but it seemed excessive, especially considering it never finished. I do have somewhat large csv’s and text files in there (4-5GB) each, so maybe those were burning up indexing time as well.

OneDrive’s gotta have some kind of hidden files and constant process that’s causing it to thrash the indexing.

I (think) I followed the manual and moved the Files folder to OneDrive and alias’d it back to the Library.

It would also be awesome if EagleFiler could somehow index the files in Cloud Storage (i.e. like using Optimize My Storage in iCloud). It would be even Awesome if it could index those, and have an indicator or field with the Cloud name. I do have Windows boxes I need to share files with, and I get a terabyte of OneDrive included in my Exchange account. Hate to waste space I’m paying for…

With Office365 recently setting OneDrive as the default save method, and the constant auto save, might this cause issues in EagleFiler?

Not that I’m aware of, except for general OneDrive limitations like not supporting colored labels, extended attributes, or certain filename characters.

100% means 1 full CPU, so if you have the 8-core i9 it could go up to 800% for full utilization. Still, 300% is a lot.

It seems like 16K files shouldn’t take anywhere close to overnight. By default, EagleFiler only indexes the first 50 MB of a text/CSV file, so I don’t think the large files would be the problem.

This page has some troubleshooting information about indexing, e.g. you can turn on logging to see whether a certain file is taking a long time to read or keeps getting reindexed unnecessarily.

It so, perhaps a workaround would be to turn off OneDrive syncing until the initial indexing has completed.

Do you mean that you want it to download the full file, index it (locally), but not store the file itself locally? For all files in a particular library, or only certain ones?

Indexing a single file is usually very fast, so I wouldn’t expect this to cause a problem. But we can see what the logging shows…